Confronting Cancer Quackery

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Cancer quackery (along with charlatanism surrounding HIV/AIDs) has to be one of the most noxious of all pseudoscience-based enterprises and, perhaps it’s just my line of work, but I can’t help but feel that it’s on the rise. The reliably high prevalence of cancer represents immensely fertile ground for scammers, and “alternative” treatments for it are sought by millions, supporting a steady cash-flow in the direction of fakes, phoneys, and otherwise ignorant followers of charismatic nasties. As well as fostering a generalised distrust in science and burning holes in wallets, cancer pseudoscience often steers patients away from their one and only shot at survival.

The Internet is abuzz with “natural remedies” and “holistic” measures against cancer, and a quick trawl through some of the websites spouting them reveals that the nature and extent of the errors (and lies) upon which they are based are as varied as they are pernicious. However…

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Google Is Making A New Chromebook Pixel “Soon”

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chromebook pixel

Were you a fan of Google’s Chromebook Pixel? The Chromebook with the super high-res touch screen built-in, meant largely to show what a Chromebook could be if it cost $1,300 instead of two or three hundred bucks?

Good news! It looks like Google is making a sequel.

There’s no official announcement yet, but Google’s Renee Nieme mentioned the new Pixel in passing at an event this week in San Diego.

While there was video of the mention at some point, Google swept it under the rug pretty quick. Fortunately, the guys over at OMG!CHROME! managed to grab a transcription. Here’s the meat of what was said:

“We do have a new Pixel coming out and it will be coming out soon. We will be selling it but I just have to set your expectations: this is a development platform. This is really a proof of concept. We don’t make very…

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This Taylor Swift / Nine Inch Nails Mash-Up Oddly Makes A Lot Of Sense.


Actually, this isn’t bad.

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It’s not unusual to notice similarities between songs — after all, there’s only so many chord arrangements and melodies in the world. (This is especially true for country music, it seems.) That being said, I don’t know that I’d ever find common ground between smiley pop machine Taylor Swift and brooding industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails. But, lo and behold, this left-field mashup of Swift’s “Shake It Off” and NIN’s “The Perfect Drug” has done just that.

Is it creepy? Yes. Does it all work? Eerily so (even the video, too!). Will hipster babies enjoy it? Probably.

[Via HitFix]

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The powerful homage to Charlie Hebdo from the world of sports it ridiculed

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Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine that suffered the attack that killed 12 people on Wednesday was not, as an institution, a supporter of sports. It published numerous cartoons, many of them gracing the front page of the magazine, mocking famous soccer players, fans, and the sports industry as a whole. It also took relentless stabs at sports journalism over the years.

But despite this often-biting mockery, on Thursday the leading French sports publication, daily newspaper L’Equipe, published a moving tribute to the satirists, four of whom died in the attack.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.49.56 PM

It’s in the form of a sports score: “Liberty: 0; Barbarity: 12″

Editor-in-chief Fabrice Jouhaud tells Quartz that for L’Equipe it was important to do something because the attack was aimed at freedom of speech and thought.

Even though L’Equipe is a sports publication, he said, “it is a mass media which cannot live in a bubble.” Jouhad added that while L’Equipe, as a sports newspaper, doesn’t have the…

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Dec 24: Working at FastMail

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This blog post is part of the FastMail 2014 Advent Calendar.

The previous post on 23nd December was the open protocol, JMAP. And this is the end!

Technical level: low

FastMail has been around for 15 years now, via a short detour as part of Opera Software and then back to being our own company again.

Some History

I was hired in 2004 as the fourth member of a small technical team in Melbourne. Rob M was living overseas at the time, so I worked with Jeremy (one of the original founders, he’s moved on to other things now) and Richard. We had no office, but I would catch the train and tram to Port Melbourne and work with Jeremy in his lounge room.

After working for a big corporate where (no joke) I couldn’t have a server to do my work for the 6 months I…

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Dec 3: Push it real good

Originally posted on FastMail Weblog:

This blog post is part of the FastMail 2014 Advent Calendar.

The previous post on December 2nd was an intro to our approach to security. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow.

Technical level: lots

Bron (one of our team, you’ve heard of him) does this great demo when he shows FastMail to other people. He opens his inbox up on the screen, and gets someone to send him an email. A nice animation slides the new message into view on the screen. At the same time, his phone plays a sound. He uses his watch to delete the email, and it disappears from the screen too. It’s a huge “wow” moment, made possible by our push notification system. Today we’ll talk about exactly how we let you know when something interesting happens in your mailbox.

Cyrus has two mechanisms for telling the world that something has changed, idled and…

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FastMail app for iOS and Android now available


Great to be releasing this, have been using it for a while now and it’s awesome.

Originally posted on FastMail Weblog:

Today we’re proud to announce the release of the FastMail app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. You can get it right now from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).

 Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

Our apps have been designed to combine our lightning-fast mobile web app with device features normally only available to native apps, most notably push notifications.

iOS notificationAndroid notification

On Android, you’ll even find support for your smartwatch!

Android Wear notificationPebble notification

More information about the FastMail app is available in our help.

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