Farewell, Commander Hadfield!

Why Evolution Is True

Chris Hadfield, the commander of the International Space Station (and, if you didn’t know, a Canadian), is going home in a Soyuz spacecraft in two days.

Since December 21 of last year, Hadfield has entertained all of us with his fantastic pictures of Earth (posted on his Twitter account), his repartée.  And now he tops it all: he’s recorded a lovely music video as a farewell. It’s based on David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and has some backing from Ground Control.

From ars technica:

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield would be notable solely for his work on the International Space Station. But… he may have the greatest YouTube account on Earth (and beyond) despite uploading only 17 videos. He’s demonstrated how to open a soda on the ocean floor, explained the process ofusing the toilet in space, and modeled interstellar wristwear among other videos.

. . …

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