Cat beards (and a contest)

some good ones here

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a new meme: cat beards (more links below the photo).

Send me a picture of you making a cat beard with your moggie; if you’re a winner (there will be only one), you get an autographed book with a picture of your cat drawn in.

WARNING!!!: You know the risks you’re taking by doing this.

Cat faces

You can see more cat beards at The Laughing Squid, which also provides moar links:

Cat Beards is a purrrfect photo meme where people position their cat’s chin in front of their own face and make it look as if they have a furry beard, mouth and all. Some of the photos have been around for a few years, but the meme has only recently really taken off. You can view more photos of mutant cat beard people online at Cat-Beard.comKnow Your Meme and by searching around in the Instagram

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