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Microsoft Needs An Update

The Dish

by Patrick Appel

Microsoft Intel Market Share

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced on Friday that he’s retiring. Derek Thompson explains the decision with the chart above:

Windows, along with Intel, got its clock cleaned by Apple and Google in the last decade. Their global market share of operating systems fell from 96 percent around 2000 to 35 percent in 2012. Apple and Google wedged their way into our laptops, phones, and tablets, while Microsoft saw its sliver of the mobile market decline between 2005 and 2012.

Timothy Lee doesn’t blame Ballmer for Microsoft’s woes:

Ballmer’s larger problem is that throughout his 13-year tenure, he was swimming against some very powerful economic currents. His company’s fate was inextricably tied to the success of the PC, and the PC’s fortune peaked with the Nasdaq around 2000. The emergence of interactive Web applications around 2004 began to turn PCs into interchangeable commodities. Then Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007…

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