Automattic Will Finally Stand Up To Bogus DMCA Takedowns


Automattic, the WordPress hosting company, has long followed the letter of the DMCA in respect to copyright. This means that the company will side with a complainant rather than a customer, essentially allowing anyone to cite copyright violations in order to have anything pulled from their servers. This led to some sad cases involving heterosexual rights groups attacking journalists using the very tools designed to protect them.

Now they’re fighting back. Two bogus claims, one against journalist Oliver Hotham and another against a blog covering scientific research have finally led the company to sic its lawyer Paul Sieminski on these fraudulent uses of the DMCA.

Writes Sieminski:

These cases are both infuriating and increasingly common. While there are no legal consequences (like fines) under the DMCA for copyright abusers, there is a provision that allows victims of censorship (and their web hosts) to bring legal action against those who submit…

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