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Testing the ‘Apple tax’: What would it cost to build a Windows version of the new Mac Pro?

In short, you get what you pay for.

Google sincerely thinks that Google+ is the future of Google

Google+, the social layer to all Google services.

The Wolf Inside



What are you afraid of?

Perhaps you are afraid of how good you really are?


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Mary Lambert Sings

OK babes. Let’s be real. I’ve been real stinkin’ busy and haven’t had a heart to heart with you. So let’s catch the fuck up. Some bullet points of my last couple months:

I signed to CAPITOL RECORDS in October and I get to do pretty much whatever I want, which is amazing because I want to do a lot of cool things that save humanity.

The NEW YORK TIMES did a piece on me and it was front page of the Arts section and I may have carried it around with me for a month showing flight attendants, cab drivers, annoyed baristas, and other unsuspecting employees preoccupied with working.
ugh the nerve.

My new EP comes out NEXT WEEK, on TUESDAY 12/17. It’s got some old tracks that are re-vamped and ready for radio and world domination, and a new track that will gut your insides and you’ll…

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2014 is the year of the internet of things—no, seriously, we mean it this time

Speedball 2 HD comes to Steam next month.

Shame it looks like it will be PC only.

StiGGy's Blog

This looks more like it – thumbs up for sticking with 2D instead that gawd awful 3D reboot came out a few years ago.

Speedball 2 is coming back to our gaming screens and with Jon Hare involved in this latest reboot here’s hoping the ‘ice-cream’ will be rich and full of all the good stuff us Speedball fans are craving for.

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