What Makes Girls Fall In Love With Computers And Code?


Feature image by Zach Weiner via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The perennial discussion about women in technology is in high gear once again, this time after remarks made by Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham about the relative dearth of female tech founders and the perks of starting to code at a young age in an interview with The Information were picked up by Valleywag.

Discussions about career, gender and age with a dash of the inherent classassociations that often accompany them are always dicey topics, so it makes sense that this interview hit a nerve. For his part, Graham (who, it should be mentioned, in interviews with TechCrunch has always expressed a very strong interest in funding more female founders and voiced pride in shifting the gender ratio in Y Combinator’s founder classes) says he’s been misquoted and misunderstood, and there are some very eloquent arguments being…

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