Mother’s Day 2014: How poor grammar ruins special days for us pedants



Mother’s Day should be a time for joy and love. It should be a time to celebrate our mothers and all they’ve done for us, through the medium of tacky cards, flowers and meals out they could afford themselves a hundred times over. Lovely.

But for those of us who feel physical pain when we see or hear grammatical wrong-doings, this day – and many others – is a veritable minefield. An embarrassment of cringe-inducing errors.

And it’s not just Mother’s Day – here’s a rage-worthy rundown of every single calendar-related grammar mistake.

1. The Mother’s’ Day apostrophe

Mistake: Happy Mothers’ Day!

It’s the question a lot of us will ask ourselves – and anyone else present – this weekend as we write out the card to our mums. Where the hell does the apostrophe go? (If you’re asking the question ‘Is there an apostrophe?’, go back to school, stat.)

Both placements…

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