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Announcing the FastMail Calendar

Releasing new things today, and they are awesome.

FastMail Blog

After 9 months of intense work, we’re very proud to announce a major new addition to FastMail. We’ve taken all the great things about FastMail’s email hosting and applied them to build an awesome new calendar. You get the same incredibly speedy and elegant web interface. The same robust, fully-redundant backend (with live off-shore replicas). The same power behind an easy-to-use interface.

Our new calendar is packed full of the features you need to stay organised:

  • Continuous scrolling, because life isn’t broken into months.
  • Two-way sync with your existing Google or iCloud calendars.
  • A great experience on mobile browsers – just like with email.
  • Real-time updates, so changes are displayed immediately on all devices.
  • Multiple time zone support.
  • Powerful sharing options for easy collaboration.

We could go on, but really you should just try it for yourself. Head over to and log in to your account, or if you…

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google revealed project tango !!!!!!


hello people this is hakim

google revealed project tango yayyeee  😉

its mostly based on 3d rendering through the camera on this beast

guess what it has a 7-inch probably 1080p a quad-core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor with 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, a 1080p display, motion-tracking cams, LTE, integrated depth sending tech, USB 3.0, micro-HDMI and all this is utilised by Android 4.4 KITKAT

i didnt actualy like the bezels around the device it looks outdated but this thing is  a shear beast incase of RAW  specs wow

but you cant get this thing as such they made just 200 of them for the developers and it costs about 1024$

this is mostly going to be used in depth capture, after this you can sit at home and walk through the tajmahal like you would walk in  real life.

check out: 

and as always thanks for reading

i will catch you…

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RetroN 5 review: the all-in-one retro console – Reader’s Feature

Very retro!


RetroN 5 - the only retro console you'll ever need? RetroN 5 – the only retro console you’ll ever need?

A reader reports on his experiences with a pre-release RetroN 5 console, which can play everything from NES games to Mega Drive cartridges.

There have been clone consoles in the past that can play old cartridges from the Nintendo Entertainment system, Super NES, Sega Mega Drive. While most of them were pretty decent a lot of them suffered from bad hardware and poor compatibility. Like the AT Games licensed Mega Drive, which suffered from very poor sound and graphical issues.

I followed the original announcement back when the machine was called the RetroN 4 but it was last March when the RetroN 5 was revealed at the Midwest Gaming Classic event. Following that I interviewed the console’s marketing director and then more recently wrote a Reader’s Feature on my concerns about the console.

When the RetroN 5 was first…

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