Google’s Ingress augmented reality game is on its way to Android Wear

Ok, that’s it. It will now take 7 hours to go to the shop for some milk.

Confronting Cancer Quackery

I fucking hate pseudoscience

Cancer quackery (along with charlatanism surrounding HIV/AIDs) has to be one of the most noxious of all pseudoscience-based enterprises and, perhaps it’s just my line of work, but I can’t help but feel that it’s on the rise. The reliably high prevalence of cancer represents immensely fertile ground for scammers, and “alternative” treatments for it are sought by millions, supporting a steady cash-flow in the direction of fakes, phoneys, and otherwise ignorant followers of charismatic nasties. As well as fostering a generalised distrust in science and burning holes in wallets, cancer pseudoscience often steers patients away from their one and only shot at survival.

The Internet is abuzz with “natural remedies” and “holistic” measures against cancer, and a quick trawl through some of the websites spouting them reveals that the nature and extent of the errors (and lies) upon which they are based are as varied as they are pernicious. However…

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Google Is Making A New Chromebook Pixel “Soon”

This Taylor Swift / Nine Inch Nails Mash-Up Oddly Makes A Lot Of Sense.

Actually, this isn’t bad.

The powerful homage to Charlie Hebdo from the world of sports it ridiculed

Dec 24: Working at FastMail

Dec 3: Push it real good

FastMail app for iOS and Android now available

Great to be releasing this, have been using it for a while now and it’s awesome.

Apple Just Uploaded A U2 Album To Your iPhone And iPad — And Seriously, WTF

So now Apple decides which music you will like too.

Moto 360 wireless charging dock revealed, serves as bedside clock